Christian Colding

Product Manager

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Why hello.

I'm Christian and I love people (oh and ux and sketching and design and a bunch of other stuff).

I truely believe in the power of people. An awesome product is only possible through research, feedback, experience and hardcore debate. An amazing product isn't created by me as the UX Architect or Product Manager. An awesome product isn't created by a developer or a designer. The killer product and the inovative idea emerges from the collective effort of talented people - who can use their experience to challenge a people problem.

At I work with extremely talented developers in both Copenhagen and Dubai. Together we try to form the future of webhosting products by developing a Web Editor, a Webmail (with contacts and calendar), a Photo Gallery and a bunch of other services that allow users to publish their life. Our users are experts at their lives - they shouldn't be experts at using our applications. So we create easy-to-use applications that give users the flexibility they require.

It's easy to create something easy. It's easy to create something flexible. It's at the intersection of flexibility and usability where the true challenge lies.

My work.

  • Web Editor.

    With Web Editor users can create their own website. Creating a tool that allows users to create their own website was and is a daunting task. For how do you give the user flexibility that doesn't limit their creativity without ending up with a complex application? It requires some harsh decisions and a clear division of interface to accomodate the many features. I did all UX on Web Editor and it is by far the most complex piece of software I have ever created.

    Web Editor screenshot Web Editor screenshot Web Editor screenshot
  • Other projects:

I love.

  • Building stuff.

    I've designed and built a LEGO wall and a mirrored wall. Oh and check out my mini bar. Next up is building a full fletched black high gloss bar. It will be awesome.

  • Bright digital design.

    I really love it when it's flat, without being completely flat and with vibrant colours. Check my likes on Dribbble if you want to know what makes me drooool.

  • Boobs.

    I've created A funny site with absolutely everything about boobs. A pretty unique concept. With 4000 daily visitors. Oh yeah.

  • Biking.

    Preferably on Amager in summer (Sunshine!) on The Green Lightning. Check out some of my biking trips on Endomondo. Hm, I really should learn to turn Endomondo on.

  • Books.

    Right now I am pretty interested in how we can improve UX with our knowledge of the brain. Check out my reads on Done Not Done.

Contact me.

Contact me about anything. No seriously... anything!